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Manholes on Your Property

Do not block access to manholes!

The Sanitary Authority requires free and clear access to its manholes in case of emergency.  Covering or placing decorative planters on top of manholes makes them difficult to locate in adverse conditions.

Heavy planters could inadvertently be damaged by Sanitary Authority staff attempting to move them.  More importantly, lifting heavy planters could injure workers in their attempts to access the manhole for maintenance or in the event of a back up. Authority Resolution 98-7-1 governs the policy for excavation and raising of buried manholes to grade. 

Your cooperation in assisting us to ensure that we have free and clear access to our facilities will enable us to continue to provide the quality and economical service that you have come to expect from the Peters Township Sanitary Authority.

Why am I responsible for the manhole on my  property?

Many homes have a manhole located on their property typically constructed by the developer of the housing plan. This manhole gives the Sanitary Authority access to our sewers for routine maintenance and emergency work.  When your house was constructed, the top of the manhole was placed at grade, or ground level.  Over time, residents and landscapers inadvertently cover over the manhole with grass, build planter boxes around manholes, or cover over the manhole with mulch. 

Whether this obstruction was done by a previous owner or yourself, a buried manhole interferes with our ability to gain access to our lines to perform appropriate service and maintenance.  Therefore, as the present owner of the premises, you are required to uncover or raise the manhole(s) to grade in accordance with the Sanitary Authority’s Specifications for Sewer Line Installations. You may contact this office to obtain the specifications, and to arrange for an inspection of the completed work.

What is free and clear?

Free and clear is a term meaning that there is free access to the manhole for our field staff to work.  This would be enough room for two men to work to remove the lid and gain access with material.Trees, shrubs and other plantings should be placed far enough away to allow access by our field staff and not block access to the manhole.Access maybe necessary during adverse weather conditions where visual location of the manhole may be difficult.  Plantings make locating manholes harder.Planning your landscaping with this in mind will help to minimize property damage in the event of an emergency.

Refinancing or selling your property?

Prior to transferring your home, the closing company must obtain a Document of Certification for your property indicating compliance.  The Application for Document of Certification is the formal request for a manhole verification check and verification of certain fees that may be due to the Sanitary Authority. 

If, through our inspection, it is determined that the manhole is buried and needs raised or uncovered, the work must be done prior to issuance of a Document of Certification.  You may not close on the refinance loan without a Document of Certification.