Peters Township Sanitary Authority
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Financial Reports

2017 Financial Audit Report

2016 Financial Audit Report

Budget Performance and Budget Request as adopted at the December Board Meeting

2018 Budget Performance

2019 Budget Request


2019 Capital Improvement Plan

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Operating Budget

The Sanitary Authority’s 2019 Annual Operating Budget was approved for $4.3 Million and the Capital Improvement Budget is $6.2 Million. The Sewer Conveyance System projects are budgeted at $4.4 Million.

The Sanitary Authority’s operating revenue is generated from its charges for services. Sewer charges are based upon the number of customers connected and the volume of potable water consumed by the customers.  Non-operating revenues are generated from tapping fees collected as new customers connect and interest earnings on investments of surplus and restricted finds.

The Sanitary Authority’s operating expenses are a function of the hydraulic and organic load its customers exert on the system, the employee staffing necessary to properly operate and maintain the facilities, and the miles of sewer line requiring maintenance.  Non-operating expenses are interest and amortization expenses associated with debt.

Operations include 15 employees; 5 Administrative and 10 Union staff.  Of the 15 employees, 9 are PA DEP Certified Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators and 5 are UCC Certified Plumbing Inspectors.

Operating Revenues

Operating Revenues

Operating Expenses

Operating Expenses

Summary of Adopted Budget

2018 Revenue and Expense Summary

2019 Revenue and Expense Summary