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Valley View Sewer Extension Project


The Valley View Drive area is a considered sewage needs area due to periodic failure of septic systems serving the existing dwellings and is identified in the Peters Township’s Act 537 Sewage Facilities Plan for the Brush Run Watershed as a neighborhood that was expected to be sewered within the 10-year planning horizon from Plan adoption in 1988. The project has been deferred due to the extraordinary cost involved in extending the sewer across 2,100 feet of agricultural property, and the project is unlikely to proceed until substantial funding assistance is received. The Sanitary Authority is seeking grant funding from various state and local agencies. The proposed project involves the construction of approximately 6,400 linear feet of sanitary sewer to serve approximately 27 existing single-family homes and ten vacant lots located on Valley View Drive and Irish Town Road Extension.

Purpose of Project

The primary purpose of the project is to provide public sewage to existing dwellings in order to abate malfunctioning septic systems, thereby improving the quality life for the neighborhood and increasing the property values of the existing dwellings, to provide for economic growth by facilitating infill housing opportunities on lots that currently cannot support septic systems, to support Peters Township’s efforts to develop land recently acquired for the Peterswood Park expansion with a new sewer line that would enable the construction of restrooms, and to achieve overdue compliance with the Brush Run Watershed Act 537 Sewage Facilities Plan.


The design phase contract was funded by the Sanitary Authority’s surplus funds and its cost will be considered as local matching share for any grants obtained. The construction phase is being funded through a combination of surplus funds, loan, and grant funding. Any costs incurred beyond grant funding will be recovered from the properties benefiting through a special purpose tapping fee.

Project Status

The construction of Component A of the project was awarded to Bella Enterprises Inc, in August 2011, in the amount of $267,023, and is currently under construction.  The anticipate completion date is June 2012.

The construction Contract for Component B & C was awarded to Glenn Johnston, Inc. in February 2012 in the amount of $863,368.  Construction is expected to begin in early May and conclude in October, 2012.

Grants and Contributions Status

The Authority was awarded a total of $535,000 in grants, all of which will be applied to Component C of the project to reduce the connection charges of propoerty owners manadated to connect to the sewer.

Local Share Account $300,000*H2O PA grant $225,000*PaDEP Planning Grant $10,000

Other contributions to the project were $339,000, consisting of a Peters Township design contribution $15,280, a paving contribution of about $30,000, and the Authority’s contribution for Component A in the amount of $292,000.


Additional Information

Project Map (PDF)

Design Drawings Sept 2011 (PDF)

Planning Module (PDF)

Project Bid Tabulations

Component - A (PDF)

Components - B&C (PDF)