Peters Township Sanitary Authority -- Building Demolition
Peters Township Sanitary Authority
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AFFIDAVIT:  An application stating the Owner/Prospective Owner of the property will demolish the structure within sixty-days and disconnect the building sewer from the Authority’s sewer main according to the Rules and Regulations of the Authority. Download Affidavit for Building Demolition (PDF)

DECLARATION OF SEWER STATUS: A document stating the intention of the Owner/Prospective Owner to continue or surrender their rights to the Permit for Sanitary Sewer Connection for the property. Download Declaration of Sewer Status (PDF)






Building Demolition Information

Prior to a structure being demolished, the Owner/Prospective Owner of the property must notify the Sanitary Authority of their intentions to disconnect the structure from the sanitary sewer system.

The Owner/Prospective Owners intentions to disconnect from the sewer system must be made in writing on forms provided by the Sanitary Authority.

Property Transfer

If the subject property is to be sold, and the Prospective Owner wishes to demolish the building, the forms must be completed and submitted to the Sanitary Authority prior to the Authority releasing a Document of Certification to the closing agent.

Board Resolution

Resolution 10-12-08 Adoption of Revised Schedule of Rates and Charges. See Section 3 - Conditions Concerning Billing Unit Assignment outlined below.

[Facility Demolition: Where a non-residential facility is demolished in its entirety, and it has been properly disconnected from the sewer main at its wye, its Billing Units will be adjusted to the minimum Billing Unit of 1.0 effective the quarter immediately following the verification of disconnection from the sewer main. In accordance with Resolution 99-12-1, for all metered and non-metered uses the minimum service charge (formerly called Debt & Administration charge in Res. 99-12-1) shall continue to be billed to the customer after the structure has been razed until the customer surrenders the Permit for Sanitary Sewer Connection; or reconnects a newly constructed structure (replacement structure) at which time the conditions for New Connections shall apply.]

Resolution 99-12-1 Establishing Policy Regarding the Billing of New Customers and Procedure for Surrendering Permit for Sanitary Sewer Connection