Peters Township Sanitary Authority
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Billing Periods

The Sanitary Authority bills sewer charges quarterly, with payment due 21 days after the bill date.

Revised Usage Period - Effective 1/01/2020


Usage Period

Billing Period


January -

March 31


April - June

June 30


July - September

September 30


October - December

December 31

Penalty Charges

After the due date, Penalty Charges, calculated at 10% of the current charges, are added to the outstanding balance. Additionally, all unpaid balances after the due date are charged interest at 10% annual percentage rate applied once per month (0.83%/month).


For information regarding making a payment, visit Billing and Collection

Sewage Rates and Billing Information

Sewer Use Rate Increase – Effective January 1, 2024

The new schedule of charges, effective January 1, 2024, increases the Sewer Use Charge from the current $8.10/1,000 gallons of metered water consumption to $8.65/1,000 gallons. The Minimum Service Charge of $42/quarter/dwelling unit increase to $44/quarter/dwelling.  For the average residential customer that uses 11,700 gallons of water per quarter (3 months usage) the rate revision is an increase of 6% in the cost for sewer service, or an increase of about $8.43 per month.  

Below is a summary of sewage rates and related billing information.

A) Minimum Service Charge of $44.00 per quarter for customers connected to the sewer system applied regardless of the volume of water consumed, a user charge based upon the volume of metered water supplied to the customer.

Residential                                                        Non-Residential
$44.00/per quarter/per dwelling                    $44.00/quarter/Billing Unit*

B) Metered Sewer Use Charge for all customers is $8.65/1,000 gallons of metered water consumed. This portion is based upon the amount of water consumed during the billing period. The Authority obtains the water meter readings from the PA American Water Company.

Non-Metered Residential Sewer Use Charge – This portion is a flat fee calculated based on the Authority’s system wide annual average residential metered water consumption for the previous year’s billing cycle, divided by 4 and charged at $8.65/1000 gallons. 

Non-Metered Non-Residential Sewage Use Charge: The Authority shall estimate the water consumption of the customer using as a guide the sewage flow estimation table as prescribed in Title 25, Environmental Protection of the Pennsylvania Code, Chapter 73, Standards for Sewage Disposal 73.17 Sewage Flows; and said water consumption estimate shall be charged at $8.65/1000 gallons and shall be used to calculate the Billing Units.

C) Non-Residential Meter Charge: The meter charge shall be applied to only the normal water supply meter and not the high volume meter for those accounts equipped with two or more meters with one or more meter intended for fire suppression water supply.

5/8-inch meter

1-inch meter

1.5-inch meter

2-inch meter

4-inch meter

6-inch meter

8-inch meter

No Charge







Board Resolutions

For a complete listing of sewer rates and billing, download Resolution No. 04-12-23 Rate Schedule A (PDF)

Other Calculations

Billing Calculation for a Residential Bill (PDF)

Local Sewer Rate Comparison (PDF)


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