Peters Township Sanitary Authority
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Developer Plan Review Application (PDF)

Developer Plan Checklist (PDF)

Sewer Extention Procedure Checklist (PDF)

Other Information

Standard Detail Sheet (PDF)

DEP Application Mailer (Sewage Facilities Plan) (PDF)

Developer Dedication of Sanitary Sewer Extension Letter (PDF)

Developer Release of Liens Letter (PDF)

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All subdivisions creating a new lot to be served by public sewers or any lot or parcel developed with proposed sewage flows greater than 800 gallons per day are required to undergo the Sewage Facilities Planning process.

For more information on the Authority's sewage planning process, download Developer Sewer Extension Flow Chart (PDF) and / or the outline for the Typical Procedures for Subdivision Sanitary Sewer Extension (PDF)

The Authority's Sewer Use Rules and Regulations for Construction of Sanitary Sewer Lines

Appendix A Specifications for the Construction of the Sanitary Sewer Line and Appurtenances (PDF)

Appendix C Developer Procedures and Requirements (PDF)

Building Sewer Laterals

For information regarding Building Sewer Laterals, visit Sewer Connection and Tapping Fees



Board Resolutions

Resolution 01-05-04 Adopting Appendix A and Appendix C along with Rules and Regulations for Construction of Sewer Lines, Appurtenances, and Developer Information (PDF)

Developer Escrow Payments: Secure Link to Make Payment